The purpose of this stage Is :

  • Develop a clear description of what you want to change in your home and specific goals for your renovation project.

  • Define your priorities - which renovation items are "must-haves," and which would be nice to have if your budget allows. This planning can make a real difference in terms of the success of your project and your ability to keep within your budget.

  • your home renovation should provide you with improved function, comfort and convenience all in one great design.
    We will discuss the following topics and more :

  • Use of Space

  • Light and Brightness

  • Movement of People

  • Interior style

    After this meeting, you will have a clear understanding of the process, project layout, a drawing and price estimate. We encourage you to explore renovation ideas and design inspiration before this meeting so you can share and show us your style and vision. Here is a great resource to start your journey -



Project management is a phrase that is being used frequently. The true meaning of this concept is constantly monitoring and analyzing site information and moving the renovation according to the project plan.
Imagine that the "project" is an airplane, so the management is all the moving parts, generators, pumps and engines that enable the plane to fly us safely to the other side of the globe. 
Project management, then, is the application of knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques to deliver quality, on time and on the budget.

Rindigo was funded by a team of professionals with background and experience in Science, Engineering, Desing and Construction Management. We have decided to transform the way renovation projects are priced and managed from more of an art, like it is today, to a science.

Using the latest technology we have created Rindgio EYE, a powerful project management system integrating monitoring, site data, and management tools in one place.
The EYE system gives the project manager the most advanced tool to deliver a great project.

We are constantly working on and improving the system to deliver more value to our clients and trade partners.




Our home is our castle, we want and need it to be safe, comfortable and beautiful. It is scientifically proven that spending long periods of time in an aesthetically pleasing, illuminated well-designed space has a great influence on our mood, creativity, and general well being. Renovating your entire home is a big project and expense that needs serious and detailed planning to make sure the seamless integration between all the numerous moving parts of the project. 
Rindigo's team brings 20 years of experience in renovation and construction enabling us to design and deliver the best renovations available on the market.





A basement renovation and finishing can completely transform your property and add great value to your house whether it is creating a much bigger living space, increasing home value or acting as an income generating rental unit. 
Basements became the number one renovated section in the GTA for a reason, the hidden value under your home is incredible, creating a guest suite, a playroom, home office a wine cellar or an amazing cinema.
In addition, a legal second suite can transform your financials, create a steady stream of income and increase the overall value of your property.
If you are interested to learn more about basement renovations and legal rental units we have gathered some great resources you can start with:





The kitchen is rightfully considered the most important part of the house.
The kitchen gives the entire home its unique style and feel, acting as a powerful gravitational canter for the whole house.
Kitchens are multi-functional spaces where family and friends gather together to nourish, inspire and share.
When renovating the kitchen the final result should be a beautiful, functional and convenient space that provides great usability and just a fun place to be in.
Kitchen renovation requires careful thought and expertise. As a licensed full-service design-build firm, Rindigo can ensure that your new kitchen meets first of all your expectations and needs within the specific site and structural constraints.
You can rest assured that your new kitchen will be built from the finest materials and by the most professional craftsmen.
The final product will be amazing, fully permitted and warranted kitchen.
Our services include:



One of our specialties is creating stunning and convenient bathrooms.
Bathroom materials are subjected to high levels of moisture throughout the year, thus picking the right durable materials, and high standard of craftsmanship and installation is key for the longevity of your newly renovated bathroom.
We at Rindigo take our materials and finishing selections very seriously and conduct a thorough due diligence before choosing the suppliers and materials we work with.
Our scientific and chemistry background allows us to dive deeper into the structure and chemistry of the building materials we use, in order to make sure we install the most moisture resistant high-quality materials currently available on the market.
We strive to keep your entire home and bathroom healthy and safe for you and all your family members.     



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