The Rindigo Giveback 

We challenge the traditional business model and try to redefine the way businesses are structured and operated. We’ve designed Rindigo to bring out the best in people while giving back to society.   

Giveback System


All renovation projects, doesn't matter who the contractor is, are priced with contingency. The reason being all the numerous variables encountered during the project that can influence the flow and cost of the job. In case funds are left after project completion, that are above and beyond the declared project management fee, we will donate the money to a charity of your choice, so we never fight over the same coin.  

Making a difference


You get an amazing new look for your home while supporting a cause you care about.

We always earn a flat percentage fee, so there’s no conflict of interest between you and us.


How does it work 


You get a Rindigo renovation and select a nonprofit you care for.

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If contingency funds are available we give back the money to the cause of your choice.