Frequently asked questions

Are you a licensed contractor?

Yes, we are a licensed contractor company.

What is your coverage, insurance and certification?

We carry a 2 million dollar liability insurance, so we have you covered.
The comapny and all the trades are WSIB insured as well.
All the profesional trades are licensed and certified.

What warranty do you provide?

We provide our customers with a one year service warranty. As part of our quality control process we make sure that the renovation meets our high set standard, building code regulation and all applicable by laws. We do everything in our power to insure the highest quality work and finishing. We confirm and guarantee that all the materials we use are top quality and flawless at installation. At the final stage of the quality control process, the customer confirms the project meets established expectations, approves the final results and signs off the final report. We provide manufacturer's warranty for all building materials used during the construction process. RINDIGO will not be responsible for any damages that were inflicted to the site after the project completion

How does the donation mechanisem works? Can I choose not to donate?

Rindigo issues a donation payment made on your behalf. You will receive a confirmation that the donation was received, and an official tax deduction donation receipt. For explanation about the contingency and donation mechanism please visit the give back section. Although we encourage every customer to donate, there is no obligation to donate. If the customers decided he wishes to withdraw the savings and receive a refund, he can do it by filling out the donation cancellation form.