This Is Our Story 

Inspired by Design. Driven by Technology. 

We at Rindigo are committed to delivering the highest added value to our customers. Rindigo creates a completely new standard in renovation project pricing, management, and social impact. We present a transparent pricing model and work ethics In which we put our client’s interests and needs first. All materials, finishes, and labor costs are presented by us directly without markup or adjustment, meaning the customer will pay the same price we pay for all the materials and labor costs, including contractors suppliers discount. A flat fee is applied at the project launch to cover all our expenses, project management costs, hardware, and profit. At the end of the project, the client will receive a detailed line by line breakdown, backed by payment conformations, of the costs and expenses for the project, enabling our clients to be completely informed where and how their money was used.
We truly believe that being good is good business, thus we encourage our clients and other business to send ripples of kindness to the community for the eventual benefit of us all. We treat the budget you pay as if it's your money, not ours. With Rindigo everything becomes clear, transparent and simple. We take a flat fee
, design, plan and build amazing spaces and give back what’s left to causes you care about.   

How we do it 

Rindigo's team have developed a proprietary project management technology to eliminate numerous inefficiencies, redundancies, and wastefulness throughout the entire cycle of the project. We have integrated, project design, pricing and project management into one adaptive platform.  

Who Are we 

We are a team of multidisciplinary professionals with 30 years of combined experience in construction, science, and engineering that came together to transform the way renovation and construction projects are executed managed and priced.

We understand that for a short period of time we are an integral part of our clients lives, it’s a trust-based relationship we cherish. Respecting your hospitality is our highest goal.


Book Estimate

Visit our contact page and follow the easy steps to book your free estimate or call to speak with a representative.

Design Meeting

This meeting takes place on site. You will meet with two of our pros; a designer and technical expert and go over all the aspects of your project. Together we will create the design and layout, our experts will inspect your home and explain the feasibility of the project. In the end, we will present the initial drawing and budget estimate.


One of the most exciting stages of any renovation is selecting your finishing materials. The selections day will be scheduled after the initial estimate, our interior designer will guide and help you to achieve your dream design. We work with some of  the best quality suppliers in the GTA.


Project schedules and timelines will be presented. Prior to any construction the crew will protect and secure all areas as required. Building materials will be delivered to site based on the schedule. Customer engagement will be held throughout the entire build progress.

Project Preparation 

The project team will prepare the final concept, CAD drawings and establish the scope of work. Building permits will be obtained, financing will be finalized. In case demolition or environmental abatement is required it will be done during this stage. 

Project Complition

Each room in your home that was affected by the renovation will be cleaned by a cleaning crew. A final walk-through and the final project completion sign off will be done. During this stage we want to make sure you are completely satisfied with the results. After this stage the 2 years warranty will begin. 


Phone: (800) 674-9602

Address: 4981 Highway 7 East 
Unit 12A Suite / 145

Markham, Ontario, L3R 1N1


Hours of Operation:

Monday - Friday: 9 am - 7 pm

Saturday:10 am - 3 pm

Sunday: 10 am - 3 pm

Selections and Interior Design 

Monday - Saturday: 8 am - 8 pm

Sunday: By Appointment

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